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Corporate Philosophy



Strength 实与有力

Grow with Strength

  • We Constantly Seek Innovative Ideas To Improve Service Quality, Product Quality & Process Efficiency
  • 我们持续探索创新的理念来提高服务,产品质量和程序的效率
  • All Business Units Participate In Improvement Activities
  • 所有部门须参与到改善活动中来
  • Inculcate Innovate Mind-set
  • 灌输创新的思维模式

Teamwork 众心如城

Serve as ONE

  • We Are Committed To Working Together To Achieve Organization Goal
  • 我们誓言为达成企业目标而携手合作
  • Provide Platforms And Implement Initiatives That Promote Teamwork At Business Units Level And Outlet Operations Level
  • 公司在各部门提倡团队合作精神

Excellence 精益求精

Achieve with Excellence

  • We Are Committed To Offering Highest Quality Food And Superior Service To Customers
  • 我们承诺为顾客提供最高品质的食物与一流的服务
  • All Outlet Staff To Attend Customer Service Program
  • 所有的员工须参加客户服务课程
  • All Outlet Staff To Attend And Pass WDA Accredited Food Hygiene Training
  • 所有员工须参加并通过劳发局认可的食品安全培训课程
  • Conformance To Standard Operating Procedures
  • 遵从标准化的操作程序
  • Compliance To Regulatory Requirements
  • 遵守规章的要求

Passion 热心热忱

Work with Passion

  • We Are Committed To Create A Caring Organization And Be Responsible Corporate Citizen
  • 我们决心建设充满爱心的企业,并做一个主动承担责任的企业
  • Pro Family Policies
  • 重视家庭的政策
  • Inclusive Work Environment
  • 包容的工作环境
  • Active Involvement In Charity Programs
  • 积极参与慈善事业
  • 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • 3Rs - 减少,再利用,再循环

To be a leading F&B brand known for excellence in all that we do.

成为一个領先和优秀 的 餐饮品牌, 我们致力追求卓越。

Your Food, Our Passion


We strive to ensure:


Programme Detail

We take every STEP to provide excellent products & services at affordable value to each and every customer.

我们用心做每一步,致力以合理的价格 为所有顾客提供优质食品和卓越服务