Today on M&L brace yourself as Mark gets into his professional doggie poop investigations, Top 10 most stressful life events, what age do married men cheat, we pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen, and weve got a Radio Hall of Fame Announcement! On the next M&L: Did Mark fuck a pirate? The Mark & Lynda Podcast. Episodes. But to hell with all that, were having a Grand find out the sex of Baby Bramy! Ever wonder how the Irish feel about their sex lives? We check in with Laura to get you ready for the RHOF vote THIS MONDAY! Today weve got Easter Fun Facts, songs that have no meaning, what strange things people are doing in China, why beards are gross, and a Cool Stories Quick Hit featuring Jim Gordan. The Mark and Lynda Podcast, Daddy Vs Daughters and more brought to you from M&L Studios in Lake Norman, NC. And later, a Nebraska high school prank gone wrong, Cleveland Browns tickets for $1, and Dannys small dick. They have three children. Also today, Itty-Bitty Theater, On This Day in History, and, how many calories do we burn during sex? We answer these questions plus a listener-sent You Hate To Hear It, Spanish Sex Doll Brothels, and a crazy story of a man caught naked in a tree. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! Journal of Individual Psychology;Winter2007, Vol. If youre single today you wont go hungry, are women happy with their own boobies, how much do people spend on Valentines Day, the drunkest states in the US, and if you want to have sex you should apparently go to Virginia. Then later, Nasty the Clowns Halloween Pickup Lines, some more sex fun facts, and what happens as soon as you die, on this, the final Halloween podcast on M&L. Thank you all for your support! On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and much more! Your comments with the lovely Skeeter, On This Day and You Hate To Hear It Double Feature all today on M&L! Theres something unique about today, January 11th, and youll soon find out! Mark Thompson, mostly known by his 27 years with the iconic, LA based "Mark and Brian Show, hosts "Cool Stories In Music". Welcome to the Mark & Lynda Thanksgiving Special Special! Happy Anniversary Mark and Lynda! Also, need an idea for a Christmas gift? Also on todays show, slang terms for anal sex, mild to wild fetishes and the different types of a-hole airline passengers we encounter. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, What Year Is It (with no bets) and more on M&L! More info on that, On This Day, Comments with the lovely Skeeter and more! What Year Is It, Cool Stories, Comments with Skeeter and more! Heres to the end of August with some Labor Day and September Fun Facts! As Mark just sits here, Lynda has a wonderful show for you today. So many of our apprentices who require Essential Lynda Willett: For NIAW 2023, our Essential Skills team have released a short podcast to On This Day, What Years Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more today on M&L! The Mark & Lynda Podcast. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L! Today Mark is going to read you a ton of topics we never get to but we do share some rare facts about Friday the 13th and we say goodbye to a great singer/songwriter, Eddie Money. Also, Matt shares a few stories from his bachelor party in Lake Tahoe and Lynda has a list of sex tips from around the world. Today we discuss the 10 signs youre in a healthy relationship, guys reveal what they love about sex, and the worlds view of American dating. Were back from visiting the kids in sunny California and we recap all the events! 50 Episodes. Today on M&L were keeping it light but we cant ignore the elephant. Lynda cracks the whip today and gets Mark to actually get to his stories! Today on M&L weve got highlights from Harrys House, what do NFL cheerleaders make, we catch up with Todd Donohoe, and Billboards Top 10 love songs of all time presented by the one and only Skeeter. You asked, we listened, please welcome the return of Nasty The Clown! I read a newspaper article about your book and gave it a try. Enquire today to purchase. Today we talk about the worst places to work, what the Evangelist is asking for, why Bachelor parties may be coming to an end, one of the perks of coffee, the most annoying type of airline passenger, and the age you become invisible to the opposite sex. Comments with Skeeter and more! On This Day, Comments with your girl, Cool Stories and more! . Welcome to June! On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter, annoying the hell out of Eleni and more! by Total Disclosure: UFOs, Conspiracies & Pop Culture Its official, Amy and Bradley got hitched! Mark Thompson has worked in radio for more than 30 years, on such legendary stations as KABC, KFI and previously at KGO. What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! Today on M&L weve got the best of Car Wash News, the worst TV shows of all time, fantastic food facts, why fewer people are getting married, which car gets most hits on dating sites, and the #1 stress about going out to eat. What did Lynda get him? Today on M&L weve got Chinese New Year tid bits, are bad bathroom habits a deal breaker, is Rod Stewart a cross dressing cheapskate, Marks got 2 scam stories and Matthew calls in with a suggestion. Lynda Thompson- #MUFON Investigative Researcher/Contactee Discusses Her Experience & Career In #UFOlogy by Total Disclosure: UFOs, Conspiracies & Pop Culture 114 min listen A Halloween Special Edition- #TDP- Marky-Mark Tells His INSANE UFO encounter- UAP report Turned in & More Happy Halloween! Contribute. On This Day, Cool Stories, What Year Is It, Comments with your girl and more! Today on M&L how do you like your burger, what popular phrase do you hate, the best beaches in America, indications you might be traveling down the wrong path, and Tom Brady is selling his car. We have the best and worst movies of 2018, the most common New Years resolutions and which are most often broken, celebrities we lost in 2018, the year in weird news, and Katie is here for the main event, Marks Elvis Top 20 Songs. He has been married to Lynda Thompson since August 21, 1982. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, Mini Cool Stories and plenty of Super Bowl talk today on M&L! Also, what are some of the things women wished men knew about blow-jobs, fellatio, playing the skin flute, giving a Lewinski or whatever you may call it. Plus the great ones that didnt make the list. Today on M&L what do we look for in a mate, the biggest cause of arguments between couples, do not put potatoes up your butt (no matter how tempting that sounds,) and why we dont have any stories from seeing Cher in Vegas. Were back with a special extended show! Would you like a pickle? Today on M&L weve got a 70s and 80s quiz for Lynda, whats your favorite jelly bean, was he wrong for walking out, what chore do you hate the most, and theres something ladies use everyday thats dirtier than a toilet bowl. Also, On This Day in History, listeners James and Dawn call in, and Mark and Lynda review Hamilton on Broadway. Sometimes we dont get to it all, but today we do! The Mark & Lynda Podcast. Plus, M&L taste test unique chocolate, the household workout, the celebrities who lost their fortunes, and how dirty are those restaurant lemons? Why does Mark love Elvis? Today on M&L weve got the latest on all our yard birds, Marks got an interesting idea from a commercial, and Lynda takes on the Kansas or Boston challenge once again! On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more! . Today on M&L we chat with country artist, Austin Bohannon, and checkout some great tunes, who are the current highest paid celebrities, and Ben Affleck says Boston customers were not happy with him. Comments with Skeeter, Relationship Help for Dawn, Iddy Biddy Theater and more on M&L! We entertain you today as official grandparents! It was quite a conversation. A testimonial to Little Richard, Cool Stories, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more! Hair, cut. It's a very friendly spot and these are first-class treats. Then later, we play back an interview with Tyler Hilton who just stopped by the studio for a great walk down memory Mark & Brian lane, shared some great stories of his career and we get to hear some of his new album live! The Mark & Lynda Podcast - Comedy-Podcastaus United States. Today we talk plans for getting Mark and Brian into the RHOF while eagerly waiting for the arrival of our special guest, Sam Farmer! Newbie to your podcast. First we recap our LA visit for Amys 30th, we wrap the 50 Best Horror Films of the 2000s, the most popular Halloween costumes this year, and Lynda catches up on all your Bday Chickens. Joni Mitchell was honored for her legendary musical career with The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize on Wednesday night. Happy Super Sexy Xmas! Teeth, cleaned. After a week off in LA, Mark & Lynda are back in the studio. Its our final show of 2016 and with Christmas & Hanukkah this weekend were all about the holiday season. Listen to this free episode of Allie and Bean catching up with Mark Thompson. Look what youve done. Whos side are you on, Tom or Peter? Kick back and enjoy some new music from Eleni, a recap of our night and the first preseason Panthers game, find out if youre a serial killer based on your Zodiac sign, guess whos having a baby, the Oscars are reinventing themselves, Top 10 Party Schools in America, and a Florida man has been putting some stuff in his butt! Recents. Today on M&L its another last show before we head back to Cali and DJ Mark sends you off with a Summer Frenzy youre guaranteed to enjoy, what is the ideal age gap for a relationship, should the nurse be wearing that, whats your favorite junk food and more Hints of the Week. November 29, 2022. Then later, Mark shares some of his private emails, the Top 10 Summer Songs, wasp-nest vaginal rejuvenation, and the Foods to Avoid Before Sex. Remember That Year with no cheating, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! Marks got a bet for Lynda, will she get the prize? On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more! His show airs on KGO from 10am-12pm. Cool Stories quick hit, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more today on M&L! Iddy Biddy, What Year Is It, Comments with your girl, Skeeter, and more! 0:00. Cool Stories, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more! Keep it up you two are awesome Gerry Mc. On This Day and Comments with Skeeter. Born Mark LaMarr Thompson on 1st December, 1955 in Florence, Alabama, USA, he is famous for Totally Baked: A Pot-U-Mentary, Mark & Brian in the Morning. But today is St. Pattys Day so youre gonna get it anyway. Then later, sex advice from Dan Savage, we run down a sex bucket checklist, no fries for Shia LeBeaouf, and we remember the late Don Rickles. Marks got On This Day in History and Skeeters got your comments. We also get a call from Halloweens original Michael Myers and Mark gets naked, again. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more today on M&L! On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, Birthday Santa and more today on M&L! All that and so much more. Today on M&L Cam is back and were loving it, Top 10 Albums of all time from Rolling Stone, its National One Hit Wonder Day, a moment of reflection with our son Matthew, and plenty of squeaks and shenanigans from Walker. Its Elvis week people, so naturally, we give you Elvis. Happy October! Today, as we sit here with sore bodies from all this #sheddingforthewedding, weve got a You Hate To Hear It Double Feature, Mark introduces us to The Winchester Mystery House, the Hollywood Reporters 25 Favorite Villains, whats your idea of a perfect day, why John Schneider wants to go to jail, new movies this weekend and guess what she found in her bag of grapes. Quality Control - Defensive Backs. Forgive us Charlie Pride! M&L are back from LA with stories and some odd thoughts. We're back! When do you open your Christmas gifts? By Gillian G. Gaar. The fams all together and the Christmas Elf is with us for a couple dirty tales, plus some truly epic burps from Katie. Today on M&L we're feeling fresh with new jeans and clean puppy teeth, we dive into another Cool Stories, and we have a special guest you won't want to miss. On todays show we dive deep into a list thats all about him. A tale of Where You Going With This, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and much more! You Hate to Hear It, Iddy Biddy Theater, Comments with Skeeter and more today on M&L! We bring you the official Guest List announcement for Marks Saban Show / Book Release Party coming up December 3rd! What Year Is It, Iddy Biddy, Comments with Skeeter with quite a bit of rants from Mark and more! You ask and you shall receive, Sam Farmer calls in today! Mark Thompson is a well-known American radio personality who became famous with Brian Phelps for their morning show 'Mark and Brian', which ran for twenty-five years till 2012. And, would you date a hot woman with an annoying laugh? On This Day, What Year Is It, Cool Stories Quick Hit, your comments with Skeeter and more! Then later, the richest people in TV, the keys to success and DNCE teams up with Rod Stewart? Have a Happy Mommas Day yall. Aloha! His last day at KLOS was August 17, 2012. O'Connor, who plays Dean Thompson, added the series had been a huge part of his life after starting at 24 years old. Mark Thompson was born on 1 December 1955 in Florence, Alabama, USA. Today on M&L weve got a great Cool Stories of Bing Crosby and David Bowies Little Drummer Boy, the word of the year from Websters Dictionary. Category: Comedy. We start off a little hungover from a past-our-bedtime holiday party last night, but weve still got a great show for you today! Mark LaMarr Thompson (born December 1, 1955) is an American radio personality (disc jockey) and occasional actor, best known for the nationally syndicated Mark & Brian morning show. Get ready to get yo groove on to the 20 Greatest Motown Songs of all time! linda was with him summer72 till dec 76. All that plus, On This Day in History and how we like our steaks cooked. What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! Then, after Michael, award winning former journalist and media executive, Joe Ferullo, joins the two and talks about how the use of media in this time of COVID-19 . On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, Cool Stories and much more! Home. Weve got Christmas fun facts, On This Day in History, and the 2 worst Christmas songs of all time. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day and The State of The Podcast! Then later a few stories about fat people, On This Day in History, and Mark and Lynda make a call to Amy. Join your host Mark Thompson, news maven Kim McCallister, and fabulous producer John Daly every weekday live on YouTube from 10am-noon as they present issues of the day, Law & Disorder, News of the Bizarre, That's Rich, It's the Planet Stupid!, Friday Fabulous Florida, and so much more! The 28-year-old grew up in Brookfield, where his parents still live. So Thank You! Then later, brain teasers thatll make you scream, a new Itty Bitty Theatre, and what men and women find most attractive about the opposite sex. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, and a visit from Nasty the Clown! On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter, the Ear Worm Poll winner and more! I think Ill buy the audiobook just for kicks. Today we discuss our very different trip to the grocery store, watch out for puppy scammers, weve got a Jay Thomas story, Sammy Hagars new quarantine tune, and Mark schools Eleni in a David Foster Cool Stories. Finally, how many dicks can you fit in your mouth at one time? Mark Thompson. Also, we phone friend of the show Cody Decker to see if he is behind Marks dick pic. Listen to The Big Note, an episode of The Mark & Lynda Podcast, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web. Luke . And Mark never made it to Arizona. Summer is officially here and weve got Summer Fun Facts, Rolling Stones Top 10 Summer Songs, some gossip on Paris Jacksons dating, and we name three things we hate going to. All that plus Comments with Skeeter and On This Day! Weve got the worst Christmas song ever, Rudolph is pissing off Twitter, Sound Effects fun with Santa, Mark enters in some naughty words for the Christmas Elf, we perform an Iddy Biddy Theater and playback last years featuring the kids. I worked in radio We have grandkids And we do this: Mark & Lynda Podcast. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Welcome to our remote M&L podcast!
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